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Why you should hire a qualified painter!

Why you should hire a qualified painter!
Why you should hire a qualified painter!

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06 April 2019

Why professional painter is cheaper than DIY First professional painters know what to do right at the beginning, the do proper preparations, sealing and use the right materials on job to the right specifications. This way the job looks nicer and last longer and you don't need any coats of paint in many years to come!

Why you should hire a qualified painter!

Understanding DIY painting whether do it yourself or asking professional painters to paint, here is why and how to paint your house.

There are a numerous of reasons why you should take a decision whether you paint the projects or ask a qualified painter to do it.  You might have been thinking which options is best. You might have advised by your family or friend that is easy and the same time you also learn the painting skills to do it yourself. 

You can take time slowly and slowly paint your projects even if it is as small as a room or a feature wall. You might think there is not enough budget to ask a professional painter and they would charge more. It is great to have some fun at the same time gaining some skills and also save some money sometime. To do this you can watch some painting video tutorials on Youtube and get some tools and paint from Bunnings. But there are a number of cons here, from our experience in the past, we have had many customers who went the same way but they ended up spending more money on tools, paints and other materials and has made a lot of mess here and there.

This is relevant to your case as well because you don’t have experiences and may touch all the door frames, ceiling and even touch the carpets and furniture. Painting is not just take a brush and roll and start painting. You need to prepare the surface and know what primer and undercoat/sealer to use.

From our experience, the tools you buy from Bunnings are expensive as well as the paint. you can spend this money to hire a professional painter who will do nice and clean work and fast. It is always advised to get the right people for the job and will not regret spending money on tools and materials and end up a mess and have to do it all over again.

In most case Professional Painter is good and Affordalble!

The reason you hire professional painters because they will prepare the surface and do great job, they have all the necessary tools and they get discount paint so they will get the job done in a cheaper price because they don’t have to buy all the necessary tools for the job.

For the time you spend painting your house you can do some other work and give this money to the painters do it fast and nice. A qualified painter has spent a few years to get the skills and experience so it is good idea to hire them.

There are a number of our video tutorial on Youtube to get more information and learning guides.

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