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Interior & Exterior House painters Kalalmunda

Interior & Exterior House painters Kalalmunda


 Professional Painting Services in Kalamunda

At Premier Painting Group, we provide high-quality interior and exterior painting services to the residents of Kalamunda. We've built a reputation for our painting services as well as our domestic and general maintenance services for residentialand commercial Painting applications. We've taken on projects all around the Kalamunda area and have hundreds of satisfied clients.

We bring over 20 years of industry experience to each project we take on, and there is no project too large or too small for our team or professional painters to handle. Our Kalamunda painters have the equipment, customer service skills and expertise to provide you with a cost-effective, convenient and timely service for each of our clients. We bring the perfect combination of experience and professionalism that allows us to seamlessly accomplish a broad range of painting projects. 

Premier Painting Group Offers Painting Services to Residents in Kalamunda

When our clients call on our dedicated team, they know that they're getting quality. We are a one-stop-shop for quality painting services and generalised services. This way, you only have to hire a single painting contractor to accomplish all of your projects in one go. Our exclusive list of services includes but are not limited to: 

Wood Treatments

Both your interior and your exterior wooden surfaces should have a protective coating on them to ensure they last. Gloss, Stains and varnishes help to seal your wood items and prevent moisture from getting through and causing rot. They also bring out the wood's natural beauty, but they have a precise application process. We use the most premier Scandinavian oils, stains and varnishes on all of the projects we take on, and this ensures that they last for years to come.

We offer Wallpaper to your home or office

Wallpaper is a classic medium that holds up extremely well against wear and tear. It's a fast and efficient way to refresh a room, especially if you have a professional application. Our dedicated and professional team can come in and strip out your existing wallpaper form your house before applying your new one. We have a full range of wallpaper available including hessian, vinyl and canvas as well as digital image. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the perfect wallpaper to suit your needs and get your house nicely wallpapered.

Specialist Finishes

Maybe you need a special finish on your walls. If so, we offer a rang of finishes that are an excellent alternative to traditional finishes. We can do lime washes, cement-based paint finishes, rag rolling and sponging, marbling and graining, suede effects, metallic finishes and more. This can create an eye-catching look that appeals to a host of different design aesthetics from modern and chic to traditional. Our staff are Dulux accredited applicators of Acra-tex texture coatings, and we apply all of the major brands with a roller, brush or trowel to ensure exceptional results for your house.

General Maintenance Work & Property management

Our staff understand how difficult it can be to keep up with all of the standard maintenance work around your home or business. This is why we can carry out general maintenance work without an issue. Whether you'd like us to add these services onto your existing needs, or if you'd like us to come out to your location strictly for maintenance, we can accommodate you.


Waterproofing your exterior walls or roof is essential to keeping it looking clean and bright while sealing in your paint or varnish to ensure that it lasts for years. Our professional waterproofing team can supply and apply all major brands of Waterproofing Membrane Systems. This includes Dulux, Elastomeric, Emer-Clad, Murrobond and many more. We firmly believe that our clients deserve on the best, and we work hard to ensure that they get results that exceed expectations time and time again. 

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

Keeping your home or business looking its best requires the right tools and knowledge to maximise your results. We offer high-pressure water cleaning for roofs, gutter and fascia, patios, walls, driveway, floor and much more. It's the perfect way to get your home or business in shape for the warmer months or to give you a clean canvas for a new coat of stain or paint.

Colour Consultancy

Not sure which colour would look best? We can recommend a qualified colour consultant that meets your needs and requirement. Before we actually apply a single coat of paint, we will bring some sample pots of different colour and apply them on your walls or door frames to make sure you get the right colour for your home to match your floor and furniture, this will be free of any cost to you. You can also take advantage of our colour computer image service that will show you various colours on your property before our staff actually apply it. This way, you won't have any unpleasant surprises when we finish, and you'll get the colour that perfectly matches your vision.

Painting and Spraying

We have a broad range of painting services available for both domestic/ residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need cabinet refinishing and painting, taping, texture coating or spraying, a whole new colour palette, touch-ups and more, we can help. We've taken on small homes, large homes, dorms, penthouses, apartments, custom homes, multi-storey buildings, offices, shops, restaurants, warehouse and much more. 

Our commercial painting services encompass a broad range of buildings and large and small projects as well! We've painted warehouses, churches, hotels, restaurants, private and government offices, shopping centres, strata and more.

If you need exterior painting, our skilled talented team will help you decide on the best colour or colour combination for the look you want to your house or portray. Then, we'll work to quickly and expertly apply your paint colour with minimal interruption to your schedule or routine. 

We offer two different types of spraying for home and businesses as well. If you need HVLP or Airless spraying, we can perform this as well to have nice and smooth finish. Spraying is usually quicker than traditional painting, and it helps to ensure that you get an even and uniform coat. When we use spray to paint your projects we make sure all floor, furniture

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