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Dining Room Painting

Dining Room Painting

Your dining room plays an important role in your family home, not just giving you somewhere to eat but also providing you with a space for your family to meet and spend time together. Here at Premier Painting, we specialise in dining room painting services across the city of Perth. We can give your home a new lease of life and help your walls and ceilings to match your existing architecture and interior design.

As the best painters in Perth, we can give your home the attention it deserves.

Even though they might seem simple, dining rooms can be very challenging to paint. Along with removing a large and heavy dining table, you also have to protect the flooring and prepare the surface properly. This is one of the things that makes the professionals stand out from the amateurs, with existing cracks, holes, and peeling paint needing to be addressed during this early stage. While your dining room might not see as much traffic as other rooms in your house, it's the one room that needs to be perfect when you're entertaining guests and hosting special events.

Colour combinations and interior design

Here at Premier Painting, you can use the services of our professional colour consultant to help you choose a colour palette. We will come to your home and provide you with samples to help you make the right selection for your dining room. Along with a number of time-tested and proven colour combinations, we can also help you to select colours based on your existing interior design and home environment.

Certain colours influence certain moods, with colour combinations and accents able to highlight your space in a way that is tasteful and refined.

Efficient and cost-effective services

Premier Painting Group provides efficient and affordable painting services across the city of Perth. We have over a decade of experience working in the residential arena, with countless dining rooms prepared and painted along the way. Our cost-effective service is based on accurate quotes, respect for deadlines, and the ability to get everything right the first time. While we never compromise on quality products or paint application, we have the experience required to manage our time and workforce effectively.

Whether we're painting a dining room or a hallway, we do our job quickly and with minimum disruption to your daily routine.

Attention to detail

Here at Premier Painting, we believe the quality of our work can be seen in the details. In order to produce the best dining room possible, we need to pay close attention to all aspects of preparation, application, and cleaning. Whether it's carefully moving your furniture, laying down protective sheeting, or handling awkward angles and doorways, precision and attention to detail are integral to our approach. We never make compromises when preparing surfaces or applying paint, and never cut corners regarding product selection.

A friendly team of painting experts

As one of the leading painting services in Perth, we've crafted a friendly and dependable team of professionals. Every member of our team receives proper training and supervision, with the ethos of our company ingrained into every employee. With over a decade of experience across Perth, our painters know what it takes to produce professional results in dining rooms, living rooms, and other family-oriented spaces.

If you're looking for a friendly team of painting professionals, Premier Painting are the best painters in Perth.

Comprehensive painting services

Here at Premier Painting Group, we offer a wide range of painting solutions and related services. Respect for your home is central to our operation, with protection, preparation, application, and cleaning performed on time and on budget. We clean your surfaces, seal and sand every crack and hole, and analyse any existing problems before we begin.

Our comprehensive approach takes nothing for granted, with colour consultants and expert painters available alongside other home maintenance and repair services.

Our dining room painting process:

Protection- We always protect your home, your furniture, and your personal belongings. From furniture removal through to protective sheeting and cleaning, respect is fundamental to our painting service.

Preparation - We always carry out detailed surface preparation, filling cracks, sanding down peeling paint, and fixing holes before we apply paint. You can't achieve a professional quality finish without proper preparation.

Consultation - Friendly customer service and accurate advice is crucial to our business. Whether this involves transparent communication with a supervisor or access to a professional colour consultant, we are at your disposal throughout the painting process.

Product selection - Here at Premier Painting, we only use paint brands that you know and love. We understand the importance of quality products and refuse to make compromises when it comes to product selection.

Attention to detail - Professional paint application requires attention to detail. When you want to create the perfect finish, you need to prepare the surface properly and understand the subtle art of cutting in on edges and doorways.

Cleaning - Our dining room painting package includes a comprehensive cleaning service. Whether it's removing rubbish, dusting surfaces, or cleaning flooring, we aim to leave your home in a better condition than that in which we found it.

The benefits of our dining room painting services:

  • We offer access to a colour consultant and provide friendly communication at all stages.
  • We protect all of your dining room furniture and flooring with clean drop sheets.
  • We offer a range of preparations and finishes to suit the condition and material of your dining room.
  • We respect your home and clean up any mess that we make.
  • We value your time and always aim for minimal disruption.
  • We have over a decade of experience and know how to provide professional results every time.

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