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Floor painting and Decks

Floor painting and Decks

Here at Premier Painting, we specialise in both interior and exterior painting services. The outside of your house is exposed to the elements at all times, which means extra care needs to be taken to ensure protection and keep your house looking good. This is especially true for floors and decks, which lose their protective layer over time due to foot traffic and the weather.

We have the skills and experience needed to deal with all types of decking, from staining and painting through to restoration and repair.

Outdoor flooring and decking can be difficult to work on, with the combination of cleaning, sanding, painting, and staining often leading to inconsistent results. Here at Premier Painting, we have over a decade of experience working on exterior spaces and know what it takes to produce high quality work in any environment. Whether you want a new deck painted for the first time or an outdoor surface re-coated for protection, our floor coating and residential painting services are professional and designed to last.

We can produce great results for a range of outdoor living spaces, including:

  • Decks
  • Balconies
  • Verandas
  • Any outdoor living areas

Cleaning and preparation

Whenever you're dealing with exterior surfaces, additional care needs to be take to ensure a consistent finish. It's not enough to splash some paint onto your deck, you also need to clean the surface and sand it down to ensure the best results. Here at Premier Painting, we provide a comprehensive range of outdoor services, from coating and painting through to deck repair and replacement.

As Perth locals with years of experience working in the harsh Australian climate, we know how to create lasting solutions which look good year after year.

Friendly customer support

Here at Premier Painting Group, all of our services are based on transparent communication and ongoing support. If you want help choosing a colour for your outdoor space, we have an expert colour consultant on-hand at all times. While exterior paints are often neutral in appearance, it's amazing how much difference a few shades can make.

If you need some support choosing a particular service, our customer support staff are friendly and well-versed in all of our services. If you would like any questions answered during the painting process, our on-site supervisor is always available to answer your questions.

Quality products and services

We only work with top quality products from the brand names you know and trust. While we have a wide selection of colours and finishes to choose from, we never make compromises when it comes to materials. This is especially necessary when working with decks and other demanding exterior surfaces which are open to the weather.

Here at Premier Painting, we also take great pride in our quality service. All of our painters are well-trained and experienced in all aspects of exterior painting, from cleaning and sanding right through to painting and coating. If you're looking for the best residential painting in Perth, you know who to call.

Our floors and decks painting process:

Protection of your home and belongings - Here at Premier Painting, we understand that exterior jobs are just as sensitive as those inside your home. We go to extra lengths to protect your home, move your outdoor furniture, and look after your personal belongings before we start any work.

Detailed cleaning and preparation - Exterior painting jobs require cleaning and detailed surface preparation. When you're working in the great Australian outdoors, a superior finish demands professional cleaning, water blasting, sanding, and base preparation prior to paint application.

Quality product selection - At Premier Painting, we understand the importance of using top quality products and tools. We use the brands you know and love and refuse to cut corners when it comes to any aspect of product selection. We have access to UV sealing, extra-durable paints, and other specialised outdoor products.

Attention to detail - Attention to detail is necessary if you want a professional finish for your decks and flooring. Our experienced and friendly team have the training and discipline needed to focus their energies and keep their eyes on the job at all times.

Experience and supervision - Our painting team are well-trained and experienced in both interior and exterior painting services. Not only that, but our qualified supervisors are always available to provide feedback about the job and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Respect for deadlines - Here at Premier Painting, we understand that you have budget and time constraints just like everyone else. After providing you with an accurate itemised quote, we do everything we can to ensure a professional finish on time and on budget.

Cleaning and rubbish removal- Our exterior painting services are not complete until your entire home has been cleaned and all rubbish and painting materials have been removed. We'll put your outdoor furniture back on the deck, reinstall your barbecue, clean all surfaces, and eliminate all traces of our presence.

The benefits of our decking painting service:

  • We protect your property and all of your outdoor furniture.
  • We have access to a range of specialised products for preparation and painting.
  • We respect your home and clean up any mess we make.
  • We value your time and budget and cause as little disruption as possible.
  • We have over a decade of experience in Perth.

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Floor painting expert

For many industries, specific floor coating is an imperative element. We here at Premier Painting Group have all the necessary equipment to obtain the highest results for your business be it to eliminate hazards or to fulfil OH&S requirements or to coat specific machinery. Whether it is a commercial space that you own or a house, we bring to you the best quality floor coating services.

Floor coating in simple words is referred to an application of a particular solvent on the floors of your premises and sealing it from external damage. We can guarantee that our Quality Management and Quality Assurance System will do professional painting in Perth in a manner that will undoubtedly match your high expectations. Floors are one such area that often misses out on our attention, unlike the walls. As the walls are something we notice one a daily basis, the same doesn’t go for the floors. Ignoring it can turn out to be expensive when it is completely damaged without any attention.

Therefore, we bring you effective solutions to protect your flooring and keep it intact for long. While you avail our services on floor coating, here are a few benefits that you are likely to enjoy.

Saves your finances:

With the coating on your floor, you get to save up on your money to frequently repair or maintain broken flooring. This allows you to divert your attention to the other aspects of the business.

Fewer maintenance costs:

If it is a concrete, mosaic or marble flooring. You would often have to make use of high-quality cleaning liquids to ensure that the floor is clean. With a coating on these flooring, there is not much effort required to clean it. The floors no longer stay porous and thus making the cleaning process easy.

Makes the floor strong:

Regular usage of the floors often notices cracks and scratches on its surface thus making space for frequent repair or replacement. When the floor is covered with a coating sealant, the floor tends to be strong and thus is resistant to frequent damage.

Aesthetically appealing:

If it is a commercial space that you own or a house, getting your floor coated gives an appealing look for the eyes. They are often available in varied colours and patterns that give an attractive look to the floors.

Makes the area bright and spacious:

While the coating gives a glossy look to the floor, the right use of lights can bring about a bright look to the area. The area automatically tends to look spacious. This is something applicable to shopping centres, malls, hospitals, etc.

To facilitate an extensive progress reporting, we will provide the assistance of our planning and management team who will ensure hassle free job delivery as well as making sure that there are no effects on production. What’s more, you will receive a free touch-up kit once our commercial painters have completed the job. We will also provide you with a guarantee certificate. Needless to say, we have made for yourselves by offering convenient customer services at prices which you can easily afford.

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