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Living Room Painting

Living Room Painting

Your living room is responsible for setting the colour themes and design principles for the rest of your home. When it comes to interior design, many decide to start from the living room and work their way out towards the kitchen, bedrooms, and hallways.

Here at Premier Painting, we understand how important your living room is and know how to use paint and colour to bring this important interior space to life.

Before we start work on any interior room, we always undergo a consultation process with the client. This is an important part of the process, because it allows us to have a look inside your home, take detailed measurements, and get to know your personal vision regarding colours, combinations, and accents.

If you decide to use our services, we can promise you transparent communication, itemised quotes, attention to detail, and the very best Perth painting services that money can buy.

Colour combinations and customer service

Here at Premier Painting, we have a deep appreciation for the power of colour. Whether you want a vibrant living room with multiple hues, or a minimal modern look, the colours you choose will have a huge effect on the mood and atmosphere of your entire home. We provide access to an expert colour consultant, with a qualified and experienced professional helping you to lock down colours and find combinations that work with your existing interior design

Communication is central to our approach, with friendly customer service and support available at all times.

Our friendly team are always happy to speak with you, so that we can create the perfect solution for your home. From modern off-whites and trendy accents through to vibrant colour themes, we can provide you with proven colour combinations, or help you to develop an individual look based on your existing style and furniture selection.

Precision and attention to detail

We recognise the importance of the living room in bringing your family together. While your bedroom is your special private space, your living room is an important communal space where people meet, spend time together, and have fun. In order to produce the best living room possible, we pay close attention to the details and leave nothing to chance.

Even though our residential painting services in Perth are cost-effective and efficient, we never cut corners when preparing surfaces and applying paint, and we never make compromises regarding product selection. As one of the best painting services in Perth, we've created a solid and dependable team of professionals with experience working in living rooms and other family-oriented spaces.

Respect for your home is critical, as is proper preparation, precise application, and the use of quality products.

Comprehensive painting services

Here at Premier Painting Group, we offer a wide range of painting solutions and related services for Perth residents. Our comprehensive approach takes nothing for granted, with our expert team protecting your home, preparing every surface, applying paint properly, and always cleaning up after themselves.

We clean, sand, and seal every crack and hole before we begin, with a quality finish always based on solid foundations. Along with living room painting, we can also paint other interior spaces, exterior spaces, roofs, decks and more. In addition to painting, we also provide professional colour consultancy and a range of other home maintenance and repair services.

Our living room painting process:

Protection for your home - Here at Premier Painting, we go to extra lengths to protect your home, your furniture, and your personal belongings. From careful parking through to furniture removal and protective sheeting, respect is at the foundation of our painting services.

Detailed preparation - All professional painting jobs require detailed surface preparation. Whether the result is cracks, peeling, or holes, poor preparation leads to serious problems.

Consultation - Friendly customer service is important to our business, including the provision of a professional colour consultant and clear communication throughout the painting process.

Product selection - Here at Premier Painting, we understand the importance of quality products and refuse to cut corners when it comes to product selection.

Attention to detail - Attention to detail is critical if you want to create the perfect finish. When you work with Premier Painting, you can be assured of great results every time.

Respect for quotes and deadlines - We will always provide you with an accurate quote and go out of our way to finish jobs quickly and with minimum disruption to your daily routine.

Cleaning and rubbish removal - Our living room painting services are never complete until all work areas have been cleaned and all rubbish has been removed from your property.

The benefits of our living room painting services:

  • We offer access to a colour consultant and provide friendly communication at all stages.
  • We protect all of your living room furniture and flooring with professional sheeting.
  • We prepare your surface properly and offer a range of finishes to suit your home.
  • We always respect your home and clean up any mess we make.
  • We value your time and always aim for minimal disruption.
  • We have over a decade of experience and know how to provide professional results every time.

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