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Siding and Masonry

Siding and Masonry

Repainting the outside of your house is important if you want to protect if from harsh weather and keep it looking good as the years progress. Siding or wall cladding is the material on the exterior of your house, and this protective layer is both functional and decorative. While masonry walls do not require siding, they still need regular repainting to ensure longevity and prevent water damage. As the largest exterior surface of your home, your siding and masonry play an important role in how your house looks and how it responds to weather over time.

Here at Premier Painting, we specialise in siding and masonry painting for Perth homes.

Painting the exterior of your house will be a large and complex job, there's no denying it. Much more than slapping on a coat of paint, a professional finish also depends on washing, preparing, and repairing existing problems. Peeling paint must be sanded, water blasters may be needed, and holes and cracks need to be fixed. Not only that, but larger problems such as surface mould and water damage may need to be addressed before painting can begin.

Here at Premier Painting, we have the knowledge and experience required to perform all of these tasks in a professional and cost-effective package. With a job this big, it's best to avoid DIY and call in the trusted experts.

Exterior painting applications:

There are many reasons why people choose to paint the outside of their home. Not only is it likely to be your biggest asset, it's also the place where you spend the majority of your time. Whether you want a more attractive presence on the street, a safer environment for your family, or a more valuable property, painting your siding and masonry is one of the most effective ways to enhance the look and functionality of your home.

  • Possibilities include;
  • Improving the appearance of your family home
  • Protecting your home from water damage and weather
  • Increasing the value of your property prior to sale
  • Increasing rental yields and attracting better tenants

Professional colour consultant

An attractive and functional home relies on a professional colour scheme. Here at Premier Painting, we understand the importance of colour and have the experience needed to find the perfect combinations. Our professional colour consultant can help you to find the ideal base colour and accent shade for your house, with proven combinations available alongside new colour trends and custom solutions. Colour is particularly important when you're painting siding and masonry, as the outside of your house always creates the first impression.

Professional cleaning and preparation

Here at Premier Painting, our residential painting services in Perth take nothing for granted. We don't just paint your home, we also clean and prepare the surface, fix existing problems, and implement new solutions to make your home more durable in the harsh Perth weather. A professional finish relies on expert preparation, with our expert team able to sand peeling paint, repair holes and cracks, and seal your home to prevent water damage.

As your largest and most significant investment, it's important to protect your home from weather damage, water leaks, and other problems that have the potential to cause significant damage in the future.

Our siding and masonry painting process:

Protection for your home - We will protect your home and respect your personal space. Before starting, we will remove any outdoor furniture or play equipment that is likely to get in the way. Along with creating a safe working environment for our team, we will also isolate all working areas and ensure minimal disruption to your home and lifestyle.

Preparation and damage repair- Siding and masonry require extensive cleaning and surface preparation before painting can begin. As the best painters in Perth, we know how to prepare exterior surfaces for the harsh Perth climate. We have access to a range of preparation tools, including water blasting gear, sanders, and sealants. We can also fix your existing water damage problems and ensure they don't happen again in the future.

Quality product selection - Here at Premier Painting, we don't make compromises when it comes to painting products and tools. We have access to extra-durable outdoor paints, professional sealants, water-proofing equipment, and other specialised products designed for siding and masonry jobs.

Attention to detail - Attention to detail is central to our business philosophy. When you're dealing with Premier Painting Group, you can be assured of a professional approach at all times. Your exterior walls are the largest surface of your house and the first thing that people see. It's important to ensure consistency and quality results from every angle.

Respect and clean-up-  At Premier Painting, we respect your home and everything in it. Once we've finished our work, we will replace your belongings and take all the time necessary to clean up any mess we've made. Our friendly and responsive support staff are always available if needed, before we start, while we're working, and once the job has been completed.

The benefits of our siding and masonry painting service:

  • We protect everything on your property, and move furniture and equipment when necessary.
  • We have access to a range of professional paints and specialised products.
  • We respect your home and clean up any mess we make.
  • We value your time, your budget, and your lifestyle.
  • We have over a decade of exterior painting experience in Perth.

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