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Medical Facilities

When it comes to building renovations and painting jobs, every business environment has its own unique demands. Medical facilities are especially sensitive to disruption, with hospitals, surgeries, and medical centres requiring sensitivity and fast, efficient service.

Here at Premier Painting, we respect the needs of your business and do everything we can to minimise disruption and provide the quality service that you deserve.

The healthcare industry is incredibly important and needs to be supported at all times. From doctors and nurses through to admin and support staff, medical personnel have critical work to perform in a demanding environment. Despite their good intentions, the average painting company does not have the insight, understanding, or compassion needed to carry out medical centre work with diligence and sensitivity.

Here at Premier Painting, we specialise in the healthcare sector and have the experience required to carry out work quickly and without disruption.

We specialise in painting jobs across the healthcare sector, from individual GP offices through to medical centres, medical specialists, and hospitals. From single rooms through to entire buildings, our combination of experience, quality products, and reliable service is hard to beat.

The power of fresh paint

A fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference to how an environment is seen and experienced. Not only does a well maintained building inspire confidence and trust, but colour itself has the power to influence the mood and atmosphere of your facility. While all commercial spaces benefit from a fresh new paint job, the healthcare sector can enjoy a number of additional benefits.

  • Freshly painted walls and bright colours can increase the morale of practitioners and patients.
  • A new paint job will add a degree of trust and reliability to your facility.
  • Freshly painted interior walls help to prevent dust and eliminate peeling paint, which can be a concern for patients with allergies.

Here at Premier Painting, we have a deep understanding of paint, colour, and how they combine to influence the mood of your medical facility.

We specialise in both interior and exterior commercial painting, so you can be assured of a complete service in a friendly and affordable package. Calming or uplifting colours can boost the mood of your patients and make them feel at ease while they're in your care.

Benefits of working with Premier Painting Group:

Budgets and deadlines are respected - We work quickly, efficiently, and with minimum disruption to your business. We understand the importance of building and emergency access and go out of our way to accommodate both medical practitioners and patients.

Security and sensitivity issues and managed effectively - Medical centres are highly professional environments, which means anything less than perfect is unacceptable. Whether it's poor paint work, dangerous mess, or an incorrect colour scheme, anything but the best can cause problems for your business.

Free on-site quotes - We will visit your healthcare facility before creating an accurate itemised quote. Each job and client is different, with our team able to create custom solutions that meet the demands of your specific business.

Licensed and experienced professionals - All of our consultants and painters are well-trained and highly experienced. We are the Perth commercial painters you can trust.

Professional project management – Painting a working healthcare facility can be complex and challenging. Before we start, our team will sit down and talk with you about all aspects of the project. Minimising disruption to your business is important, and our team is highly experienced in efficient and cost-effective project management. We have the ability to work after hours, take additional security precautions, and use odourless paints if required.

Premium products - When painting medical and healthcare facilities, the use of premiums paints and products is essential. We offer a detailed consultation process, working with you as you select brands and colours for your establishment. When required, we work with extra-durable materials, odourless paints, and natural solutions which avoid chemical cleaners.

Here at the Premier Painting Group, we take all of these factors into consideration and deliver a custom service that meets the demands of your staff and patients. We understand your medical facility requires the highest possible standards, and do everything we can to transform your business quickly and with minimum disruption to your daily schedule.

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Hospitals, surgeries, and doctors’ offices are busy places that require sensitivity and minimal disruption. Medical personnel have very important work to do and patients need a supportive environment. The average paint company may not have the insight, understanding, or compassion necessary to complete a medical facility painting service with care. We do – and we promise to make the painting process as fuss-free as possible.

The power of fresh paint

A fresh coat of paint can make a world of change and colour has the power to dictate mood and atmosphere. Medical facilities and centres can enjoy a number of benefits that come with interior and exterior commercial painting. Freshly painted walls can increase the morale of practitioners and patients. Calming or uplifting colours can boost their mood. We can mend cracks in dry wall, fix peeling paint, and more to improve the overall appearance of your medical facility.

Why the Premier Painting Group stands out

There are a few key concerns that are unique to medical facility painting services.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals have urgent work to do and require minimal disruption.

Patients, friends, and families require support, sensitivity, and importantly, security.

The medical centre is a highly professional environment so anything less than perfect (poor paint work, mess, incorrect colour scheme) is unacceptable.

At the Premier Painting Group, we take these important factors on board and deliver a service that not only fits in with the operation of the medical facility, but also considers your staff and patients. Finally, we are committed to paintwork of the highest standard and we promise to finish on time.

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