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Painting Services in Cockburn Central

Our customers know that they can count on our dedicated team at Premier Painting to provide high-quality exterior and interior painting services to our customers in Cockburn Central. We've spent years building up a portfolio of satisfied clients in both the commercial and residential sectors, and we've completed projects all around Central Cockburn.
Our team has over 20 years of hands-on industry experience that we bring to our customers, and we've streamlined our processes to deliver fast and efficient service. We can confidently take on both small-scale and large-scale projects without a problem. We have the customer service skills, equipment and in-depth industry expertise to deliver exceptional results time and time again. Our clients trust us to deliver timely and cost-effective professional results for their homes and businesses.

Let Premier Painting Company Complete Your Projects in Cockburn Central

We dedicated ourselves to going above and beyond to produce exceptional results for each customer we take on. Our broad range of services ensures that we can be a one-stop-shop for a host of needs and wants. This adds a layer of convenience because you only have to contact one company to accomplish all of your projects. We'll come in, assess your needs and tailor a plan to fix any issues quickly and efficiently. Our services include:

Colour Consultancy

It can be very difficult to try and imagine which colours would look best on your house before the actual paint goes on. You may see something completely different in your mind and get anunpleasant surprise when you see the finished product. We work to reduce these chances with our colour consultancy service. We're able to recommend a highly qualified colour consultant to help you pick out the best option for your home or office. Additionally, we have a colour computer image service that allows you to try out various colours on your building before we apply it. This way, you can rest assured that you're getting the best colour to suit your vision.

General Maintenance Work

It can be difficult to keep up with all of your projects around your home or office, and our staff can come in and perform general maintenance work to get your building in top shape. We can come to your property exclusively for general maintenance work, or we can add it on to your other services and complete it at the same time.

High-Pressure Water Cleaning

Cobwebs, grime and dirt can build up on and around your home or office and make the building look dingy and unkempt. In order to quickly clean it, you need the right tools and accessories. We have the correct equipment paired with the in-depth knowledge to leave your building free of grime. Our staff can easily clean patios, walls, roofs and much more just in time for warmer weather or to apply a new coat of paint.

Painting and Spraying

Our staff excel at a large range of painting and spraying services using various types of paint and mediums. We work on both residential and commercial buildings, and we're competent in a broad range of areas. Whether you need touch-ups, texture spraying, cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting, taping or a whole new colour, our staff can help. We've worked with very small homes, dorms, penthouses, large houses, condominiums, multistory buildings, custom homes, apartments and much more.Our commercial painting services include both large and small spaces! If you need detail painting, we can complete it. We've had experience painting warehouses, restaurants, hotels, churches, shopping centres, government offices, private offices and much more.
Not sure about your paint choices? We can help you pick out a new colour that matches your decor and enhances the space. The right colour can add warmth to a space, or it can give the appearance that a room is larger than it actually is by tricking the eye.
We have two different spraying services as well that work to give your home or business a clean and even coat of paint. You can choose HVLP or Airless spraying, and our staff will work to quickly and easily cover larger areas with an even coat of paint.

Specialist Finishes

Specialist finishes are an excellent way to add an interesting aspect to traditional paintwork. We understand how important it is to love your new paint job, and this is why we offer specialist finishes. We can do cement-based paint mixes, lime washes, marbling, rag sponging and rolling, suede effects, graining, metallic finishes and much more. We have Dulux accredited applicators that excel in Acra-tex texture coatings, and we'll apply the quality brands we work with with a brush, roller or trowel to ensure even results.


If you want a durable and timeless medium that withstands routine wear, scuffing, tear and fading, wallpaper is the way to go. Our professional application is a fast way to breathe new life into your room. If you have existing wallpaper, our team can strip it out to get a clean canvas to apply the new layer. You can choose from a large range of quality wallpaper material including vinyl, Hessian, digital image and canvas.


Don't leave your home or office without a waterproof layer! We can seal in your building to ensure that it lasts with all of the major brands of Waterproofing Membrane Systems. Whether you need Dulux, Elastomeric, Murrobond, Emer-Clad and more, we can help.

Wood Treatments

A quality varnish or stain can seal the wood against water damage and decay, and it can also enhance the natural beauty of the wood itself. Our precise application process ensures that you get a stunning result every time.

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