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Residential & Commercial Painters in Bibra Lake WA 6163

Residential & Commercial Painters in Bibra Lake WA 6163

Residential and Commercial Painting Services Bibra Lake

The residents and business owner of know that they can count on the accredited professionals in our painters to deliver exceptional painting services to Bibra Lake. Since we opened our doors 20 years ago, we've taken great pride in building up our reputation for excellent work and professionalism. We've worked on residential and commercial painting projects all around and in Bibra Lake, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients that we have painted their house, office and businesses in the past to prove it.

We have the hands-on knowledge required to deliver exceptional painting results, and there is no project too large or too small for our experienced and professional painters to take on. Our Bibra Lake painters have the customer service skills, equipment and expertise to provide our clients with convenient, cost-effective and timely painting services each time they call on us.

Our Professional Painters Has a Variety of Painting Services for Residents of Bibra Lake

When our clients need professional and affordable painting services that last, they call on our dedicated team at Premier Painting. Our range of services allows up to be a one stop-shop for both painting and generalised services. This way, our clients only have to make a single call to complete all of their services. They build a solid reputation with our staff that lasts for years and also we offer you a great discount and treat your house like our own home. Our list of services include: 

Painting and Spraying 

If you need a talented team of residential and commercial painters in Bibra Lake, Premier Painting Group is your one-stop-shop. We can paint and refinish your cabinets, texture your walls, touch-up areas, give you entire home or office a fresh coat of paint and much more. We're working on small, large and custom homes, condos, apartments, multi-storey buildings and penthouses, offices, warehouse, shopping centers, restaurant both interior and exterior throughout Bibra Lake and surrounding suburbs. 

For commercial painting projects, we've worked on both large and small buildings in the government and public sector. From warehouses, churches, offices, shops and restaurants, to private and public office buildings and shopping centres, we're very experienced. We can do fine detail work up to expansive areas quickly. 

For exterior painting such as: Roof, Weatherboard houses, brick walls and other rough surfaces , spraying is a very effective way to cover a large area with an even and neat coat in a quarter of the time it would take with traditional painting. You can get HVPL or Airless spraying, and we have all of the tools and equipment to come straight to your site and complete your spraying project. This way, we can finish the job quicker and give you an affordable and better price

We're happy to help you find the best colour combination or palette for the interior or exterior of your building and houses and turn your vision into a reality. 

Colour Consultation in Bibra Lake 

Choosing a new colour for your home or office can be challenging. You want to find a colour that complements your existing d├ęcor floor, and furniture. Colour can make a space seem larger or cozier, and we're happy to recommend a professional colour consultant to help you choose the best option. We also have a colour computer image software and some other colour chart that will show you your building with different shades to help you pick the best one. 

General Maintenance Work 

With everything you do, it's easy to let your general maintenance work slide. However, this is how small issues can quickly turn into large problems. We can regularly come to your home or business and take care of a broad range of general maintenance work to get your property back to top shape. It won't just look good; it'll be structurally fit as well. 

High-Pressure Water Cleaning 

Over time, dirt and grime build up on the exterior of your home on your siding, roofing, gutter fascia, patios and more. When this happens, it can be difficult to get it off, and it's even harder to get into those hard-to-reach places. Apart from looking unpleasant, in the long run it make the surfaces rusty and even damage it. Our High-pressure water cleaning services make it easy to get rid of it and leave the surfaces nice and beautiful. Unlike some of our competitors, we are well trained and fully equipped and have experience and tools to pull it off and able to handle any size of projects. We can come and use our high pressure washer to remove years of grime and return your home or business to a like-new state. 


Applying a quality Waterproof Membrane System to your building can help to seal in your varnish, gloss, stain or paint and prevent it from chipping, cracking or wearing away. We excel at applying all brands including Dulux, Emer-Clad, Elastomeric and Murrobond. Our professional waerproofin team will work hard to deliver exceptional results that help your paint last for years. 


Wallpaper is an excellent choice for busy areas where there is a lot of generalised wear and tear high traffic areas. It's a durable alternative to traditional paint, and we offer canvas, digital image, vinyl and Hessian available. If you already have wallpaper, we can safely and effectively remove it before applying your new wallpaper. It withstands smudges and scuffs, and there are dozens of colours and patterns available. 

Wood Treatments

If you have wood surfaces, it's essential that you seal them to prevent moisture damage. Varnishes and stains can effectively provide a barrier between the wood surface and any moisture, and it also enhances the wood's natural appearance. We have premium Scandinavian oils, varnishes and stains available, and we're happy to help you pick out the best one. 

Specialist Finishes 

Maybe you're considering a more unique take for your walls. If so, we invite you to take a look at our specialist finishes. We can apply cement-based paint finishes, lime washes, marbling, graining, metallic finishes, suede effects, rag rolling, rag sponging and more. You'll get an eye-catching and unique look that can bring a modern twist to your traditional paintwork. Having a feature walls in your house look nice and modern this days and make a lot difference so therefore we have done a lot of feature walls and special finish for our customers.

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If you need painting services in Bibra Lake and surrounding suburbs we are here to help you get your house painted at affordable price while using quality materials, get in touch with our teak today to get a free quote and professional advice! We're happy to tailor our services to suit your all painting and decorating needs and answer all your questions, address your concerns or set up a consultation today! We can come anywhere in Bibra Lake areas and Fremantle same day to provide you with fast and free quote

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