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5 Practical Benefits of Eco-friendly Painting You Must Know

5 Practical Benefits of Eco-friendly Painting You Must Know
22 Aug 2020

Today, most industries have realised the importance of switching to environment-conscious initiatives and more or less every business sector have taken steps to reduce carbon footprint and environmental pollution at their commercial compounds. Sensing the adverse impacts of applying normal paints, homeowners have also switched their preferences to sustainable paint solutions in order to maintain environmental balance and restore the mother earth.

Why Eco-Friendly Paint is Gaining Popularity?

Before we take a sneak peek into learning the benefits of eco-friendly painting in Perth, we must know the harmful effects which normal paints bring along with it. The paints which are usually applied for regular needs contain high VOC’s that not only toxify the environment but contribute to indoor air pollution and fetches potential health hazards such as respiratory troubles, lung problems, asthma and allergies. Over time, green painting has seen a surge in demand as it contains low-chemical solvents and fetches zero health hazards. Moreover, eco-friendly paint has become the need of the hour particularly for industries which are highly exposed to pollution.

Given below are some added advantages of resorting to green painting solutions for you to have a quick look.

Zero Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly paints are mostly water-based and have zero carbon footprints. Moreover, these specialised paints contain organic compounds that are biodegradable and don’t pose any environmental impact. Over the years, significant improvements in eco-friendly paints and availability in a variety of shades have made them a highly preferred choice of residential and commercial clients in today’s era.

No or Minimal VOC Content

Regular paint contains high VOC and they contribute a lot to environmental pollution especially when they are manufactured in factories. VOC is a hazardous substance and leaves behind chemical waste that is non-recyclable. Compared to VOC paints, sustainable paints contain natural components and no to minimal VOC content which causes less damage and helps in maintaining environmental balance.

Naturally Manufactured Paints

Another striking factor that makes eco-friendly paints a preferred choice of homeowners is that they are natural and mostly made from lemon extracts, bee wax, etc. Neither do they lead to any hazardous emission while applying at home by green painters in Perth nor during the manufacturing process and are totally safe.

Eliminate the Need of Multiple Coats

Eco-friendly paints not only minimises environmental impact but are relatively easy to apply and maintain compared to regular paints. You don’t need to invest much of your time, effort and money by choosing green painting solutions and give your walls a superior coverage by local painters in Kalamunda & Belmont at a budgeted cost. Having improved colour retention properties, availability in multiple shades and minimal abrasion makes eco-friendly paint a trusted choice of most clients.

Cost-Effective Painting Option

You may have the misconception that eco-friendly paints are costly compared to regular paints due to the impressive benefits it offers. Practically speaking, today’s generation is upfront about applying eco-friendly paints keeping the environmental aspects in mind. Apparently, they may seem expensive but in reality, they are cost-efficient and are safe to use both for your property and environment.

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