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Follow These Steps to Choose the Best Painters in Perth

Follow These Steps to Choose the Best Painters in Perth
19 Nov 2020

Choosing a good painter is not a difficult task if you know the proper steps. So, if you have a home in Perth that you wish to paint, you just need to follow these steps that will help you to choose the best painters around.

  1. Develop a Plan First

Before approaching a company providing painting services, you need to develop a plan first.You will need to decide what area you want to paint. Also, you need to select the paint colourtoo because that will help you to avoid problems later.

Now, when you are meeting with the painting companies, ask them the type of paint and the number of coats that they will apply.

If you have the budget it is always best to go for high-quality paints. Nevertheless, ask the painting companies regarding the cost. If they recommend a cheap paint even if you have the budget, it is best to select a different painting company as they might not have the necessary experience of house painting.

  1. Past Job References

Ask the companies providing professional painting services to give you some of their past job references. That way, you can call their past clients and ask about their performance.

You can ask them about the time that they took to complete the job and if they were punctual, etc. And if you find most of the reviews are positive, you can consider the company for the paint job.

  1. A Contract is Always Helpful

When you are approaching the painting company for a residential or floor painting in Perth, discuss the contract where everything related to the job will be included in writing.

The contract will include information related to the companyand the painters on the job, their names, addressesand other contact details, licence number, along with the cost and it will clearly state everything that will be included or excluded in the job.

If everything goes as per plan, that is they agree to the contract and include everything that you have asked, or if they always develop a contract before the paint job, youcan choose them.


  1. Insured Workers

The best painters in Perth are always insured. That will save you from incurring extra costs if something goes wrong such as an accident. Additionally, if they damage anything in your property, it will be the company that will pay for the damages.

  1. Check their Reviews Online

If the painting company with whom you are negotiating has a website, check the testimonials. Also, if they have a ‘my business’ page on Google, you can check the reviews there to see what the customers are saying. That way you will have an idea of their quality of service and it will help you to arrive at a decision.

  1. Advance Money

Some companies will ask you for an amount in advance to buy paints or for other purposes. If that is the case give them a small percentage of the total amount. You need to make all of these clear beforehand and include this in the contract. However, during the discussion, if you find that they are only focused on getting a lump sum amount of advance money, it is best to find a different company.

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