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5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Exterior Walls

5 Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Exterior Walls
02 Sep 2020

Exterior house painting may seem to be exciting and overwhelming but practically speaking it’s not so. It takes a lot of time, effort and skills to make house painting successful. Regular exposure to sun, moisture, mould and mildews make exterior house paint vulnerable to damage and you may likely come across the problem of peeling paint, blisters and flaky paint before the expected time. Homeowners who consider exterior house painting to be a DIY job and take the plunge simply out of sheer excitement end up making costly blunders to their property.

Here are top 5 exterior painting mistakes you should always avoid to make your investment worthy for a lifetime.

Improper Surface Prepping

Amateur painters who have little knowledge about professional painting services fail to recognise the importance of surface prepping and apply fresh coats on walls without fixing existing damages such as cracks, dents or imperfections. Not rectifying damages or filling imperfections can prevent new paints to bind with walls and you may come across paint peeling from surface walls before the expected time.

Not Protecting the Interiors of the House

Exterior house paints can mess up the interiors of your home if you don’t cover your space in advance. Paint has a nasty habit of getting splattered everywhere and therefore, you need to take proper care to protect against spills, drops and sprays. This holds true particularly when painting window panes or cornices. Make sure you close windows or any other uncovered area while undertaking property painting to prevent damage due to paint splatters.

Failure to Prime the Walls

A primer not only helps you get a smooth and flawless paint outcome but covers up flaws such as cracks, dents, holes and any other surface imperfection on walls. It makes the original paint colour come through and is a key to perfect, flawless paint finish. Moreover, good-quality primer can protect walls from rust, pests, humidity and moisture and help you get a long-lasting paint job. However, people who neglect priming before applying fresh paint coats end up with inferior quality painting services and opt for a repainting job before the expected time.

Choosing Wrong Paint Type

Exterior walls are directly exposed to moisture, humidity, pest infestations and mould and need advanced paint protection techniques to withstand the harsh weather elements. Durable and sustainable paint solutions are a must to protect exterior walls from natural degradation which local painters in Victoria Park can rightly acknowledge. Applying inferior quality paint can wreck havoc on the structural integrity of your building and form blisters and bubbles in paint. So, it’s always wise to delegate the task to professional painters who have solid industry experience and help you get the desired outcome without much effort.

Using Inferior Quality Paint Brushes

Choosing the right paintbrush is important to get smooth and even paint finishes. Before taking the plunge of applying exterior paint on walls, it's important to choose the right paintbrush to get quality results. Opting for the cheapest option can ruin your paint job and make the task complicated and strenuous. Homeowners who neglect hiring professional painters in Alkimos or skimp on buying high-quality paintbrushes end up with inferior quality work and get their job lingered for months.


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