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Planning to Sell Your Home? Make Your Property’s Exterior Attractive to Buyers

Planning to Sell Your Home? Make Your Property’s Exterior Attractive to Buyers
02 Oct 2020

So finally you have decided to relocate to your new house and all you want is to sell off your existing property against a lucrative deal! Well, fetching a high resale value is possible if you can impress your potential buyers right on spot and that’s possible by making your home look visually stunning! An incredible exterior paint job done by professionals can transform your home and offer added aesthetics and appeal which would grab attention of buyers and help you get the desired price you might be looking for.

  • Plan Your Paintjob in Advance

If you want everything to go smooth as per your plan, you need to schedule your property painting job in advance. Pen down everything that are needed to get a successful paintjob done and make a rough estimate of the amount required at each phase of the work. This will help you get an overall idea of your material cost, labour cost and other overheads and help you claim the best value for your property.

  • Consider the Weather

Most homeowners consider mid-summer to be the ideal time for best painting services considering lower chances of rain. However, experts always recommend opting for a house painting job when the weather is neither too hot nor cold and most importantly when the humidity will be comparatively less. That’s because the glare or reflection from sun may otherwise affect the eyes of painters in Alkimos and hinder the process, resulting in an inferior quality of work. So, choose a cloudy day if possible and ask the local painters in Kalamunda to finish off the task on a set timeline.

  • Pressure Wash Your Walls

Pressure washing is something you can’t afford to ignore if you have decided to sell off your property. However, don’t try doing it on your own as it may be time-consuming and arduous. Hire the best-trained local painters in Cockburn Central  who can do it faster and smarter using a pressure washer. As an alternative to pressure washer, you may also get the job done using a hose. Your main focus will be to remove leaves, cobwebs, dust from exterior walls so that paint can better adhere to walls and your property looks pristine clean from outside.

  • Consider Spray Painting for Added Aesthetics

A recent trend in painting which is making round these days is spraying. If you are running short of time and want to sell your property faster, it’s best to opt for spray painting by accredited painter in Belmont for exterior walls. However, that being said, spray painting also needs a little bit of prepping. So if you aren’t a pro, it’s better not to risk it alone, instead seek help from best painters in Perth. Professional painters can analyse the extent of damage and resort to high-end surface prepping that will help you get flawless paint outcomes perfect to impress your potential buyers.

At Premier Painting Group, we comprise of trained and certified professionals who have solid trade experience in the painting industry and offer flawless paint coats using state-of-the-art tools and equipment at a budgeted price. We resort to high-end painting techniques that are eco-friendly and help you get outstanding results within a promised timeline. If you want to schedule your property painting job soon, get in touch with us and ask for a FREE QUOTE anytime!

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