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Top 4 Blunders You Should Always Avoid While Painting Metal Roof

Top 4 Blunders You Should Always Avoid While Painting Metal Roof
19 Sep 2020

Painting metal roof may seem exciting and overwhelming but the process isn’t that easy. Choosing the wrong type of paint, improper paint application techniques and poor surface prepping can pose serious threat to the structural integrity of your building and make your hard-earned investment go in vain. Therefore, while choosing to paint a metal roof, avoid making these top 4 mistakes to get the best paint results.

Using Old/Leftover Paint

When it comes to transforming metal roof with vibrant coats of paint, most homeowners consider making use of old and leftover paints to save on the overall budget and this is where they make the biggest blunder. The materials used to construct metal roof significantly differs from the ones used during house construction and hence, the quality of paint to be applied will also be different. Metal roof paints should be heat-resistant, pest and water-resistant in order to last for a lifetime. Using the right type of paint will prolong the lifespan of your metal roof and make your investment justified in the long run.

Not Using Sealants

Before applying paint on metal roof surfaces, use of sealant is a must for best painting services. Without a sealant, paint will start peeling off the surface walls and you might have to opt for a repainting job before the expected time. As the name implies, sealants contain strong chemical bonding which combine with paints and prolong its lifespan. However it’s better to do some research before choosing a sealant to ensure the paint and sealant complement each other and deliver long-lasting results.

Not Using Energy-Efficient Paints

High-quality paints contain polymeric materials such as acrylic which is usually thicker than the regular ones and the chemical properties make paint reflective. A metal roof can absorb a great amount of UV rays and can heat up the entire building. Hence, using energy-efficient paints for property painting is a must which can reflect sunlight and keep the house cool, thus save your energy bills. Homeowners who lack knowledge and experience choose to apply regular paint and end up paying high electric bills unnecessarily.

Using Wrong Paint Application Techniques

There is a particular way of painting metal roof and the process starts with pressure cleaning the roof followed by general repairs and sealant application. Once the sealant becomes dry, the first paint coat is applied. The second coat shouldn’t be applied until the first coat dries up completely. However, if you aren’t a pro or lack proper knowledge, you might confront certain challenges and commit some worst blunders. Hence, it’s always wise to hire professional roof painters in Perth who have years of experience and help you get the painting job done with perfection and efficacy.

Metal roof painting isn’t a challenging ordeal if you execute the task with perfection and minute detailing. Avoid these common blunders and get flawless paintjob done by the best roof painters.

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