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What are the Common Predicaments Faced During Painting a Concrete Floor?

What are the Common Predicaments Faced During Painting a Concrete Floor?
09 Dec 2020

If you are planning to paint the concrete floor of your property, you must rely on a quality name that has been providing painting services for years. The reason being, there are a lot of challenges that crop up while painting floors, and the company you hire MUST have the credibility, experience, and competency to solve those issues. Here on this page, we discuss some of the issues that are faced during the painting of floors.


This is one major issue that people face when it comes to concrete floor painting. Concrete floors are like a sponge, containing innumerable air holes. Thus, when all the dust and dirt, grease and filth come in contact with concrete, most of it is absorbed. This is what floor contamination is all about.  Thus, when it comes to painting floors, it is imperative to get rid of that contamination, and that is not a very easy task. Depending on the nature and extent of contamination, the floor painting experts in Perth would adopt appropriate steps to get rid of that contamination before commencing the painting.

Loose and dusty surfaces…

This is another pitfall, which professional painters are likely to encounter while painting their concrete floors. Though many would say, concrete floors are rock solid, that's not the case always, more so, when it is about painting an age-old floor. It will have a lot of fine concrete dust and bits and pieces of loosened concrete chips, which will play a hindrance during painting. Thus, you need to get rid of these tiny chips completely, along with the dust particles. And if in doing so, you find major undulations and irregularities, due to the removal of larger loose concrete chips, the surface has to be relayed before the painting, as the paint coat will not be able to cover those irregularities. Again, it is the responsibility of the floor painting company in Perth to deal with it and decide whether they can paint the floor to conceal these minute irregularities, or is there any need to relay the top surface of the floor before painting.

A Floor Surface with Damp ….

This is one of the most frequent problems faced by the floor painters while painting concrete floors. Damp concrete floor surfaces pose a lot of troubles for painting professionals. They will blister, and the surfaces will remain moist and fill with water vapour. Now both of them will play a major hindrance to painting. Thus, the painters have two ways to get over that challenge. They can resolve the issue from the very root – something that’s beyond their capacity, and they can treat the surface with certain chemicals to suppress the damp from rising and then conducting the painting.

Removal of existing paints and screeds…

Last but not the least, removal of existing paints and screeds is another challenge that the painters have to face when they for floor painting. Now, this is something that the best painters in Perth would not find that difficult to deal with. They should have the competency to get rid of the old paints and screeds comprehensively, before applying the fresh coat of paints.

Thus you see, there is a hoard of challenges for the concrete floor painting experts in Perth to deal with. We at Premier Painting Group  are one of the most tried and trusted names who can deal with these issues with ease and perfection. If you are planning to paint your concrete floor, just call us at 0428252525 

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