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Is It Time For A Fresh Interior Repaint? 3 SIGNS TO BE SURE!

Is It Time For A Fresh Interior Repaint? 3 SIGNS TO BE SURE!
21 Jul 2020

With the tick of time, your home interior walls inevitably start showing signs of noticeable wear and tear.  This is despite you frequently cleaning or maintaining the interior walls.

The truth is, even with the best-quality cleaning and maintenance practices- after a certain point; your interior walls will need to be repainted, preferably by licensed and qualified painters.

So, the million-dollar question stands – ‘How do you know that it’s time to repaint your home interior walls?’ Here are 3 clear signs which suggest that it is time!

  1. You Notice Scuff Marks on Your Home Interior Walls

If you have lived long enough in your house, then you will start to find noticeable signs of scuff marks, dings and other blemishes on its interior walls. The commonest of those spots include entryways, common living spaces and hallways.

Once these marks start appearing more visible, they can no longer be scrubbed away with normal house cleaning methods. The only way to remove them and make your interior space new again is a fresh coat of paint.

PREMIER PAINTING GROUP- as your professional painters operating in South Perth will be happy to deliver you top-quality interior painting services within your estimated budget.

Our local painters also serving parts of Fremantle will even prepare the wall surface (if needed) and perform the paintwork efficiently at your chosen time of convenience.

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  1. If You Notice the Interior Wall Paint Fading or Peeling

Those interior spots which are often exposed to lots of sunlight will fade faster than the other rooms. But inevitably; those other wall paints will also come to the end of its estimated lifespan and require a repaint.

Our professional painters operating in and across Belmont have also found that rooms which experience an enormous amount of humidity often start to flake or peel.

This happens either due to low-quality paint being used previously or getting the job done with inexperienced painting contractors.

So, if you notice clear signs of paint peeling or discolouring, then be sure that it is time to give your interior walls a fresh coat of paint.

Our highly experienced local painters in Armadale (and other neighbouring suburbs) will come over to your house, properly inspect the walls and use high-quality paint to remove such blemishes for a lasting finish.

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  1. You Notice Visible Cracks or Flakes on Your Interior Walls

The problem of cracking, also known as flaking is it results –

  • Due to improper preparation of the wall surface prior to painting
  • When the wall surface is exposed to extreme heat or cold
  • When your existing wall paint has become unappealing and its cracks present an unwanted entry point for pests known to damage house wallboards

If you come across any signs of paint flaking or cracking, then schedule a visit with our experienced painters also operating in and around Canning Vale to repaint it before it takes the shape of something more damaging.

Do You Notice One Or More Of The Above Signs? Call @ PREMIER PAINTING GROUP

Offering you best-in-class professional painting services across Perth, Western Australia; our painters will come to your rescue and revive your interior walls using eco-friendly paints and adhesives.

In addition; our painting contractors also provide colour consulting if you can’t figure out which paint colour to choose.

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