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Smart Hacks to Paint a Porch - A Comprehensive Guide

Smart Hacks to Paint a Porch - A Comprehensive Guide
10 Jul 2020

When it comes to painting a porch, most homeowners seem to have nightmares due to the efforts, time and skills involved from start to end. However, painting a porch wouldn’t be a daunting task if you equip yourself with the right paint materials and follow the correct techniques.

How to Start?

The first step towards painting a porch starts with basic surface preparation. Similar to rest of the painting projects, surface preparation is key towards a flawless paint outcome. You need to clean the area and remove dust, debris and other materials from your porch at first. If you are a layman, you can also hire professional painting services to get the job done right.

Once you remove debris and leftover materials from the surface of your porch, give a thorough sweep to the surface. To proceed in a systemised manner, start from a side of the porch and proceed further. Sweeping away dust and debris makes the surface smooth and facilitate in cleaning. Deep clean your porch and ensure there are no leftover remains on the surface. If you lack time to deep clean your porch, you can always seek professional help from Premier Painting Group where the experts can make your porch “paint-ready”!

Tricks to Paint a Concrete Porch

What if your porch is made up of concrete materials? For that, you need to switch to concrete cleaning materials and use speciality chemicals, water and a scour brush to ensure the porch is pristine clean and germ-free. Make sure you wear gloves before starting off with the task to keep yourself protected from the hazardous effect of chemicals. Once you finish off scrubbing, rinse off the surface with a hose and wait for it to dry completely. An ideal way to execute the task is by hiring a pressure washer. It will help you save time and make the process effortless.

For painting a concrete porch, make sure you get hold of a specialised exterior concrete paint.  These paints are specially designed to endure adverse climatic conditions and high foot traffic. Once you complete painting, wait for a day and avoid walking on the surface before it gets completely dried.

Tips to Paint a Wooden Porch

Painting a wooden porch isn’t a big deal if you adhere to the right tools and techniques. Once you sweep away dust and debris, invest some amount of time in predicting the weather conditions. This may take some amount time but it’s important to ensure the surface gets dried properly.

Once you have dried up the surface, you should consider removing your leftover paint on the porch. To execute the task, make sure you wear protective eye gear and a mask to ensure safety. Once you are done, sweep the leftover dust and immaculate the surface for priming.

Priming is key towards a flawless paint outcome. The best way to get smooth paint finishes is to prime the area with a specialised exterior primer which local painter in Fremantle can easily arrange for you. Start from the opposite side of the porch and ensure outside dirt doesn’t penetrate. Once the primer is ready, proceed to apply your favourite paint colour.

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