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How to Select the Perfect Pet-Safe Paint? Factors to Mind

How to Select the Perfect Pet-Safe Paint? Factors to Mind
19 Oct 2020

Having a furry friend at home is indeed exciting and overwhelming, but when it comes to undertaking a house painting job, all you need to be careful about is the type of paint you choose to avoid potential health hazards to your beloved. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your loved one safe and healthy and that’s only possible when you avoid choosing paints containing toxic chemicals. Not many people are aware of this aspect when considering house painting and risk the health and safety of their pets.

This post is all about choosing the right pet-safe paint that can keep your four-legged companion healthy.

  • Check the Label Before Buying

Whereas all paint brands may not have separate labels certifying to be pet-safe paints, going through the composition may help you get a fair idea about its utility. Choosing eco-friendly paints containing natural oils, plant dyes and organic solvents can protect your pets from potential health hazards and keep the health and safety aspects of your home intact. To ensure you make a wise choice, you may ask the local painters in Kalamunda to apply paints that contain low to less volatile compounds and emit less toxic fumes to get guaranteed results.

  • Applying Water-Based Paints is Always Wise

If you have pets at home, it’s better to skip the idea of applying lead-based paints during professional painting services. In recent times, the demand for water-based paints has gone up significantly due to many good reasons. This speciality paint is not just good for your property but safe for kids and pets too owing to its eco-friendly properties. Water-based paints do not contain VOC and toxic chemicals and that’s the reason why it’s always wise to go for it during property painting in order to keep your beloved companion safe and healthy.

  • Pick Stain Proof Color for Better Protection

When it comes to choosing pet-friendly paints, you should also be a little bit tricky with the colour palettes. As a pet parent, you should always go for dark shades instead of lighter hues to avoid the unsightly marks of scratches and pet stains. Avoid colours like green, red, pink and blue as smudges will be more evident. As an alternative, you may choose dark and rustic tones such as charcoal, grey, brown or beige to make spots less prominent. Besides being pet-friendly, lighter shades can save your time and effort from regular cleaning and touch-up jobs.

  • Be Careful With Paint Finishes

Once you have banked upon the right pet-safe paint which is stain-resistant, the next thing you should pay attention is the paint finish. Among semi-gloss, lower sheen finish and satin finish, you can surely ask the local painters in Cockburne Central & Belmont to go for semi-gloss and satin paint finish as they contain high lustre sufficient to hide smudges that may result due to pet paws, tails and claws. While choosing paint finishes, you should also consider a few aspects pertaining to cleaning and regular touch-ups if your walls are highly reflective.

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