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How Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Can Boost the Value of Your Home?

How Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Can Boost the Value of Your Home?
31 Dec 2020

Among many home improvement ideas you can think of, kitchen cabinet restoration is an ideal way to revamp your outdated space and boost the curb appeal of your property whilst sticking to budget. Yes! You read it right. It’s amazing to know how something so minimalist can upgrade the overall look of your kitchen and boost the resale value of your home. Stay glued till the end to explore the hidden facts one by one.

A well-organised kitchen does help in selling a home quickly and efficiently. Professional painters in Perth get a fair number of enquiries from property sellers about kitchen cabinet restoration while deciding to sell their home. This clearly indicates the huge urge of a contemporary refurbished kitchen among buyers and that’s what drives real estate sellers to hire painting services in Perth for getting the best deal.

Small, cosmetic upgrades to your kitchen not only can brighten up your morning but they go a long way in increasing your property’s market value. The benefit of small kitchen upgrades is that the labour cost is comparatively less and you can still get a vibrant looking kitchen without breaking a bank. These minor upgrades include repainting cabinet fronts and drawers, installing new cabinet hardware and so on.

Picking the right cabinet colours in cohesion with the quality of finishes and material can be a timeless choice to make your space more spacious and welcoming. Whereas black kitchen cabinets can create an upscale look, they can make your space look cramped and cluttered. On the contrary, white-coloured kitchen cabinets can create a sense of depth and open up space. Interior house painters in Perth always recommend using good-quality finishes in neutral tones to upgrade the look of kitchen cabinets so that it attracts attention of potential buyers at once and expedite the selling process. 

Nowadays, open-concept kitchen is high on trend and majority of the homeowners look for eat-in kitchens to enjoy family meals or hang out with friends during weekends. To make open kitchen a perfect recreational zone, it’s important to incorporate vibrancy in the space and the best way to do so is by repainting kitchen cabinets with whimsical colors. Whereas, demolishing walls, shuffling of appliances and revamping kitchen island will require significant investments, adding vibrant coats of paint on kitchen cabinets will surely pay off at the time of sale.

Lastly, even if you don’t have a stringent budget, painting can still be the most economical choice of revamping your space as it can allow you set aside some amount of money to spend on valuable home upgrades. Whereas replacing old cabinets with a new one along with the cost of installation can eat almost half of your budget, repainting cabinets can lift the overall mood and feel of the space and make your kitchen stand out without breaking a bank.

At Premier Painting Group, our team comprises of skilled, reliable and professional painters in Perth who have solid industry experience and use high-quality anti-bacterial paints to make your property stand out. Whether you are willing to transform a single room or the exterior of your property, our interior house painters in Perth can make your house paint last in good health for decades. Dial us at our helpline number and enquire about our services. We would get back to you with a free quote instantly! HURRY!

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