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A Few Pergola Colour Ideas to Make the Structures Look Enticing

A Few Pergola Colour Ideas to Make the Structures Look Enticing
12 Jan 2021

Pergolas are great for adding shade to your outdoor area, and if they are painted with proper colour tones, they simply look amazing. But since a wide range of colours are available as paints, selecting the perfect one that suits the structure can become slightly confusing. So, today we will discuss a few design ideas for your pergola in your home in Perth. And you can use these ideas for porch and decks as well.

  • Wood-Based Colour 

If the pergola in your outdoor area is made of wood, you can use a wood-based colour to make it look more attractive. Also, if your pergola has a deck, applying wood-based colour will really make it stand out from the others for which companies providing the pergola painting in Perth are suggesting their clients to use colours that complement the natural colour of the wood.

  • Grey Colour for Wooden Pergolas 

Applying a grey colour on your pergola will not only make your pergola look great but will also add elegance to your gardens.

Grey is considered as a modern colour as it is used in interior walls during renovations nowadays. Moreover, grey is a dynamic colour that suits the decks and the porches as well. So, if you want a plain and simple colour, grey is the one you can choose.

  • Yellow for the Aluminium Pergola 

If you have an aluminium pergola, choose a bright yellow colour. 

When the sun’s rays will fall into it, the structure will look exceptionally beautiful. And an advantage of choosing yellow is that it contrasts grey walls. So, if your property comprises grey walls, yellow will be the best fit.

However, though yellow goes well with decks apart from the pergolas, it might not be suitable for porches and to select a good colour for the porches you need to consult professionals who provide porches painting in Perth.

  •   Using Flat Colours

Ever heard of painting the pergolas and decks with pink, or orange?

Sound weird right?

Well, that’s the trend right now where flat colours are used that does not complement any other colour. And if you want to experiment with colours, or are planning to give the pergola in your property a different look, you can use these colours!

  • Contrasting Tones

If your pergola is made of wood and consists of a deck, how about painting it with a light-dark colour and the deck with a deeper wooden tone?

Have faith in us when we say that it will look truly fantastic. Moreover, you can use these contrasting tones for extended porches too. 

And if you wish to know the best colours to create the two-tone effect, get in touch with professionals who provide deck painting in Perth.

  • Multi-Coloured Modern Pergolas 

Different parts of the modern pergolas made of fibreglass or aluminium can be painted with varying colours to make them look appealing. But then again, it entirely depends on your outdoor areas.

If you have a garden, it’s best to stick to the conventional colours as these colours go well with lawns and gardens. But if the outdoor space is smaller and there isn’t any garden, that is you wish to install the pergola in your backyard, you can try out these colours. But before that, you must consult this with a company that provides professional painting services.

Make Your Pergola Look Attractive With the Right Colour

At Premier Painting Group we provide pergola painting in Perth to make the structure look enticing. And if you are confused about the colour, let us choose the right one for the structure that will make it look great and will beautify your outdoors. So, book a painting service today by calling us in our number.

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